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Art Practices for Healing 

For individuals and groups

Laura Waters, MA RCP

Owner, An Artful Recovery

What transformation do you want to make?

With over 14 years of training and experience combining art practices and healing, I value your experience of learning simple art techniques to find the transformation you're looking for. Whether it's for individual use or for your own art and recovery creatives, I am here to support you in your process. This experience is great for one-to-one sessions and group experiences to learn healthy self-expression, practice deep connection, and to allow curiosity to lead you into your own process of creating.

Grow, heal, and transform with art!

In this immersive 5-week experience, participants will engage with a handful of simple art practices specifically tailored to support people in recovery or anyone who wants to get creative with their own self-discovery or coaching practice. By integrating self-expression and creative self-exploration, this interactive workshop series aims to provide a holistic approach to healing and personal growth. These practices are valuable resources for Recovery Professionals!

Each week introduces a different practice: 

  1. Contour Drawing: Seeing the shape of things – Developing introspection and self-trust (aka trust the process and let go of fear)

  2. Mandalas – Representing the Unconscious Self and Connections – cultivating focus, awareness, and peace

  3. Haiku and Found Poetry – Gather courage and strength while freeing your emotions in imagistic words

  4. Collage/Vision Board/Wisdom Cards – Creating a vision of the present and the present-future with reminders of what matters to you now

  5. Art Journaling  – Connecting to emotions and getting unstuck from unhelpful ones allows for deep insight as we are free to move forward in life

Whether you are new to art practices or seeking to deepen your recovery journey, this experience will offer practical tools and a compassionate space for discovery, insight, and self-reflection.

In this 5-part series, you will learn how to:

  • develop a deeper understanding of your emotional life

  • transform challenging emotions 

  • improve self-regulation and get unstuck

  • move into the creative flow

Image by Pawel Czerwinski

How this experience can benefit you:

Benefits of the heARTFUL Transformations Experience:

  • Recovery Support: Discover how art practices are valuable tools for recovery, providing support, and resources for individuals on their healing journey.

  • Emotional Healing: Utilize the creative process of art to express and process emotions, fostering a deeper understanding of yourself and promoting emotional healing.

  • Presence: Explore techniques that cultivate awareness and presence, enabling you to navigate challenging emotions with greater self-compassion.

  • Self-Discovery: Engage in self-reflection, uncovering insights and inner wisdom, allowing for personal growth and self-discovery.

  • Community and Support: Connect with a supportive community of individuals in recovery, creating a network of understanding and shared experiences that extends beyond the session.

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