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If you want something memorable for your event or gathering, try a circle that is meaningful, authentic, and truly connective. 



"Lunar Alchemy was the pivotal thing in my life that I didn’t know was missing. It was a monthly reminder to slow down, listen to my intuition, and connect with other powerful women in a safe and encouraging space. The monthly moon circle not only allowed me to learn more about the cycles and impact of the moon and her energies, but also helped me be more intentional and insightful. I was constantly engaged, interested, and excited about what I was going to learn at the monthly meeting, while also taking practical tips into the following month to help me be more grounded and connected. I wish every woman could experience this life-changing circle and am excited to continue this year!"

- Libby, Lunar Alchemist 

Enter a transformative portal through the sacred and healing energies of the lunar cycle. LUNAR ALCHEMY is a monthly  Circle, a sacred space where we explore feminine archetypes and the divine feminine, embracing both the light and the dark aspects of our inner selves. Last year we focused on the New Moon and setting intentions. In 2024 we will shift focus to the Full Moon and the second half of the lunar cycle - the best time for release, deeper self-care, and healing.

Each month, we delve into the profound wisdom of the lunar placement in the zodiac, focusing on the healing and introspective qualities of the waning moon phases. Through guided discussions, journaling prompts, and connections with the other Alchemists in the circle, you'll learn to harness the power of the sacred feminine within.

Our unique 12-month art practice will inspire your creativity and encourage self-expression, offering a beautiful way to visualize and manifest your experiences and dreams. We'll also explore the art of release, enabling you to shed what no longer serves you and create space for new beginnings.

Join us in this nurturing and empowering circle, where you'll gain a deeper understanding of yourself, the lunar cycles, and the healing potential of the sacred feminine. Together, we'll support one another in our spiritual growth, attune to nature’s cycles and rhythms, and embrace both the light and the dark as we step into our full power and authenticity.

Let me hold this space for you so you can have a place to take off your armor and learn to be truly present with your life.

Be empowered, nourished, and supported in a unique council of wise women.

Prepare for a mystical experience!

2024 Lunar Alchemy - 12 circles - purchase here

Full Moon

What Current Alchemists Say:

Image by Celeste Horrocks


Lunar Alchemy was a delightful experience, providing a place to gain and share my insights. This happened due to Laura's skill in creating a safe and caring environment, filled with her knowledge and enthusiasm and contagious creativity. I loved learning about the moon and myself and others with this synergistic group.

Image by Jennifer Marquez


Excellent course presented by Laura Waters. She takes the time to listen, encourages questions, goes above and beyond to followup, creates a safe place to learn. I feel I am heard and I am able to apply the moonlight in my daily life. She is a gifted teacher.

Image by Jennifer Marquez


You've created something real special here. I haven't felt this grounded in a long time, and the empowerment is transforming the way I live my life! Trusting my own intuition again is an incredible gift. 

This is a sacred space where you can tap into lunar rhythms, align with the COSMIC FLOW, and nourish self-care practices we will experience together, like meditation, art-making, and spiritual journaling.

Lunar Alchemy is a portal for slowing down and practicing presence and connection – with the moon’s energies, with each other, and with ourselves. Each monthly session will offer you a sacred space to be, as you listen to your inner guidance and learn to work with lunar rhythms. 

To value and align your time requires learning to live in time

with presence and purpose, with rhythm and attention. 

If you need soft accountability, gentle encouragement, a space to be yourself, a portal for energetic alignment, divine feminine expression, intuitive guidance, or simply a circle of women to hang with, be a part of the circle in 2024 as we begin the year of sacred luminescence.

Choose your payment option (Annual or Single) along with your email info using the purchase link below. You will receive the dates, the zoom link, suggested art supplies, and everything else you need to begin your LUNAR ALCHEMY experience!

Email me if you have any questions at

12 Circles Annual Membership includes:

Lunar Alchemy Journal - a printable 34-page PDF

Moon Mapping guide

Lunar Nodes readout

Ritual suggestions for each full moon

Eclipse and Solstice Guides

Moon Circle recordings

Council of Wise Women community


12 circles Annual Membership purchase here


Single Circle: purchase up to 24 hours before circle convenes 

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