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An Artful and Soulful Coaching Experience

Ready to build your life from the inside out using art and nature practices? Want to learn how to focus on your inner landscape?

In this eight-week 1:1 coaching experience, you will learn how to garden your own soul. You will create a meaningful life in recovery through boundary work, journaling, painting, poetry, and creative envisioning – exploring the deepest part of your true identity – not a stigmatized, stereotyped, or conditioned personality. I help you discover and use the tools that work for you! You will trust yourself again, be able to create healthy relationships, and know how to communicate your truth to the world.

What needs to be cleared, planted, and nourished inside so you can concentrate on your growth and live authentically?

Through curated and customized practices, I partner with you to create your own soul map, a way forward created by you and for you. I use the elements (earth, air, fire, water, spirit), the art and science of communication, art practices (simple drawing and sketching to engage with PLAY) and writing prompts for personal exploration, brief meditations (guided and silent), and your own vision to lead you forward.

In Soul Gardening, these are some of the essential coaching sessions I will customize for you to grow your best life from seed to harvest to sustain your recovery:

  • Identifying limitations to your growth

  • Let go, slow down, and create real space for yourself

  • Build better relationships through boundaries and communication

  • Discover the art of allowing

  • Attune to rhythms of living that work for you

  • Find community that supports and encourages your authenticity

  • Live with purpose and sovereignty

  • Develop daily creative habits that energize and calm you

  • Connect with your own source of nourishment and joy

  • Embrace the unknown and live from a grounded place of peace

  • Harvest your own gifts

Begin this powerful transformation process with this free GIFT - a potent chakra meditation to attune and activate your beautiful soul.

Each 75-minute session together will be an integration of you - the ground of your being, seeds you want to plant, nourishment you need, and the harvest you want to produce. Together we will explore your values, needs, desires, and dreams. Your inner artist will emerge and begin to thrive as you uncover long-buried creative energies. You will remember your own power and gifts and be better equipped to sustain life in long-term recovery.


Soul Gardening is deep work that will immerse you in the transformative process of living deeply and artfully while learning to enjoy more of your life. In this empowerment experience, you will learn to trust the process of inner work, develop creative habits, cultivate healthy relationships, and live with greater peace and freedom.

If we let ourselves experience immersion, whatever we love over time becomes a garden. And if devoted to that garden, what we turn over year after year becomes our teacher. The mystery of deep living is that we become life itself. ~ Mark Nepo

As a Soul Gardener, you:

Learn how to let go of what no longer serves you to create space for what wants to grow from within you. 

Establish daily creative habits that will keep you grounded and help you connect with a deep sense of peace.

Attune to rhythms of living that are meaningful and have purpose for how you want to live your life.

Live the questions of life with confident curiosity and real sovereignty - embrace and embody the beauty of life's mysteries. 

Have questions about Soul Gardening or other coaching options with Artful?
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