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deep dive

Getting to the root of the issue

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Do you struggle in your relationships or on your recovery pathway because you don’t know how to set or keep boundaries? Are you exhausted from constantly dealing with other peoples’ emotions and problems and rarely have time for yourself? Are you still not trusting yourself because you’re overwhelmed from handling your recovery AND all the details of ordinary daily life?

Boundaries are those invisible markers you establish for all interactions in life, even with yourself. Boundaries help us navigate the intimacy in our relationships. If you’re in recovery from life circumstances or substance use disorder, boundaries are crucial! You set boundaries with friends, lovers, colleagues, and family members to protect your recovery and to re-build your identity. Whatever brought you here, developing clear boundaries can help you gain self-trust, practice self-care, and really learn to love who you are.

Boundaries are difficult. This deep dive can help you get to the root of why they are difficult for you. Through role playing in a safe space and learning more about your communication style, managing your own boundaries will become a part of who you are and help you build a better life!

In this five-week BOUNDARIES group engagement, you will learn:

  • Why boundaries are important in recovery

  • Areas of life to consider boundaries

  • The difference between healthy and unhealthy boundaries

  • Your barriers to setting boundaries

  • How to communicate your boundaries to others

  • Determining consequences for boundary violations

Begin exploring your boundaries with this bonus FREE ASSESSMENT WORKSHEET.

RSVP for a transformation that will deepen your inner peace, improve your relationships, and open the doors to greater freedom! Priced for individuals at $197.00. Contact me for a group discount of 4 people or more:

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From Boundaries participants:


“Stirred up a lot of things for me. I’m great with boundaries in my professional career, but I realized I have a lot of work to do on my personal boundaries."  


“You made me go back to the beginning of some issues with such a simple question. I went back to the little girl from years ago. I see how things fit together.”


"We don’t spend enough time working on our boundaries on our journey of recovery. This is so eye-opening for me."


"I want to dive deeper into learning more about my boundaries, because this is something that everyone needs, not just people in recovery."

This is for me
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