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Prayer Candles

21st century spirituality

Artful offers classes for spiritual explorers 

  • Astrology

  • Alchemy 

  • Chakras

  • Shamanic journeying

  • Meditation and more!




Astrology 101 - the basics:

  • Signs, Symbols, and Modalities

  • Houses

  • Planets and Placements

  • Lunar Nodes, Saturn Return, the Moon and You

Book this for your retreat, reunion, vacation, or other gathering! Customizable for you or your group. Bring your natal chart or ask for the add-on.

Star Cluster


These energy centers in our bodies need nourishment in the form of attention and love! Learn what the "major 7" chakras are and how activating them can benefit your life. Deepen your attunement, combine energy activation with simple art practices, and:

  • change your capacity for receiving

  • clarify your internal authority center

  • grow your courage

  • aid self-expression and creativity

  • strengthen your sovereignty

  • connect to Universal energies

  • sharpen your intuition

8 weeks of 1:1 coaching coupled with learning about the chakras. $525

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Alchemy is the art of transformation, spiritual renewal, and inner liberation. Spiritual alchemy is a symbolic and metaphorical process that mirrors physical alchemy's stages of transforming base metals into gold. In spiritual alchemy, the stages represent inner transformation and enlightenment. The 7 stages are:

  1. Calcination: Breaking down old patterns to open oneself to the transformation process. 

  2. Dissolution: Dissolving rigid structures and beliefs; embracing fluidity and change.

  3. Separation: Discernment and letting go of the unnecessary.

  4. Conjunction: The union of opposites for balance and harmony.

  5. Fermentation: New insights leading to spiritual rebirth.

  6. Distillation: Gaining clarity.

  7. Coagulation: The crystallization of the transformed self.

8 weeks of 1:1 coaching sessions as you explore the stages. $525

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