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Discover your inner artist, connect with your soul's depths, and learn 21st century spirituality practices to grow and thrive in recovery. 



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Book a single coaching session with Laura.


Signature Coaching

1:1 coaching - creative and soulful empowerment.

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Laura Waters - recovery coach, creative guide, artist, educator, speaker

I wanted something to fuel my soul's fire.

In 2009, I began a serious relationship with art to explore the landscape of my life in recovery. Sketching, painting, art journaling, and writing are important parts of my daily and weekly rhythms. I believe creative expression is an essential tool for navigating life. I encourage everyone to connect with their inner artist and engage in soul-nourishing and spiritually enriching practices, to live from their personal authority center, and set healthy boundaries so they can grow and find fulfillment. 

I have appeared on podcasts, facilitated workshops at women's conferences, participated in Recovery Roundtables, held special Boundaries in Recovery sessions, and shared extensively on art as a tool for long-term recovery. I facilitate a monthly women's moon circle to improve our connection to our own intuitive wisdom and learn more about Nature's cycles. I offer an array of spiritually-oriented classes - open to anyone interested in exploring a 21st century spirituality that includes art, shamanic practices, astrology, meditation, and more. 


Laura Waters, Recovery Coach and Creative Guide


" I felt seen. I felt heard. And I felt understood. Laura is a massage therapist for the soul. She has a true gift."

Angela Suarez

"I came home to myself by finding my own personal way of allowing creativity to flow through me."

Tina Connor

"Laura helped me to see things I had never considered before and now I have a clear vision of the next step."

Mariea DeRosia

"Every session was just what I needed. Laura provided clarity, encouragement and the feedback I needed most."

Margaret Rafferty

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